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Woodstock Realtor Chelsei Roddy interviewed by Mortgage Mario

Chelsei Roddy video transcript

Hello this is mario cardenas i’m a loan
officer with affinity home lending i’m
with the great
chelsei with keller williams realty here
locally in Woodstock
actually in my backyard where i live i
know i’m a loan officer in marietta but
i reside in
Woodstock though i’ve met um Chelsei
here in my backyard we’ve become good
friends and uh she agreed to
come on my show how are you doing today
hey i’m doing amazing good to see you
it is amazing to see you um
how’s business going chelsea
it’s going good you know i’m working
with a few clients right now it’s
challenging but it’s learning something
new every day and
really just putting my clients
needs first and
going for that
making sure i’m protecting them
yeah that that’s awesome so yeah i’ve um
discussed a lot of deals with uh with
chelsea i know um we haven’t known each
other for too long so we haven’t worked
on a deal but as far as i can as a
testimonial i can testify as far as her
you know her ability to hustle her
intelligence in the real estate market
and putting her clients needs first i
know before the real estate industry i
believe you communicated to me that you
were a server right
you’re in the yeah and so that that’s
gonna help you transition in the real
estate industry obviously with because
into the day when it comes down to
real estate it’s it’s the ability to
serve your client i mean honestly when i
a realtor
help buy my house it really came down to
them hustling
um you know really doing a competitive
search on um the houses that
i was interested in and honestly just
putting in the legwork in order to get
the deal to the finish line um and yeah
basically everything that i’ve seen with
you and you can communicate with me uh
that you’ve
you go above and beyond serving your
clients needs so if you want to tell me
kind of uh just
dig a little bit more into the details
and tell me you know kind of what makes
your real estate business different than
others because i know it’s a really
competitive market being a realtor and
obviously you need something to
distinguish yourself from the other
you know realtors so
for sure
i would say for me it’s love um and when
i say that i mean the real definition of
love and really putting that
in the whole process from the beginning
to the end i mean people need
explanations right now it’s a lot going
on the market is hot for sure
um but it is an amazing time to buy so
it’s important for me to really explain
the process
very slowly for certain people you know
you read you read your client you know
how to how to explain to them how to
really show them this is what we’re
going to do and we’re going to get there
you know and really just bringing love
into all of that being patient being
understanding really knowing what
they’re looking for
really listening
and going out there like you said
competitive searches um really
negotiating with the listing agents i
work with mainly buyers right now
um so really negotiating with the
listing agents really becoming friends
with them
um goes miles
and what what i see with you too you
know because there’s always the counter
argument where this this realtor has
been it for 20 years and stuff like all
the experience and um that’s true
you know obviously you still you’ve been
in it for a while now so you have all
the experience you have all the
intelligent knowledge and also you have
a big team to work with at your disposal
it’s not like you’re by yourself you
experts all these assistants other
veteran realtors that you work with on
deals all the tools and extra expertise
at your grasp and also the one thing i
like like i love about the the young
realtors i work with and they’re you
know the realtors in their 20s is you
got the hustle you’re hungry end of the
day that’s what it takes you’re not lazy
you get out there and you get the job
done you get across the finish line and
just into the day
it’s just sometimes it’s just good
work ethic and then honestly too when
you when you add positive energy on that
like you do the love i love that you say
love positive energy it makes the
must just so much more
uh smooth and streamlined that um
honestly every clean-cut deal i’ve seen
um it’s it’s the hustle and the work
ethic and forcefulness um that has been
able to get the the deal across the
finish line and no matter if i’ve been
in real estate for 50 years or only a
couple of years that’s really the bottom
line what matters to me so
um that’s cool so what are your what is
what’s your as far as new year’s
resolution for uh 2022 we’ll keep it
real estate related what are your real
estate related 2022
okay um yeah i want to help 12 people
buy or list
um that’s my that’s my medium goal there
we’re always shooting for higher but i
want to at least hit that 12
transactions this year
constantly taking classes constantly
also preparing myself i want to buy a
home um next year so kind of working
that into speaking with a lender to
myself and
so yeah that’s awesome
um well definitely make sure if you’re
self-employed um you know you get you
still get 1099 as a realtor ever since
the 08 housing crisis actually uh when
the lending world us loan officers got
um we’re given a mls number and we’re
actually w-2 so they can so they can
track us so there’s no kind of predatory
unethical lending uh transparency so
it’s a little bit probably easier for me
to get approved for a loan uh the sake
that i actually technically mw2 but
definitely connect with a you know good
loan officer that’s experienced with um
you know self-employed individuals
because you really want to make sure you
get that qualifying income set up for
success for your price point and it’s
kind of like an algorithm too because
you want to make sure you’re not paying
too much taxes right um or you’re you
might be losing a lot of money from the
avenue but if you’re not flying your
taxes appropriately then you don’t have
qualifying income qualified for a house
so those these self-employment people
are kind of a dilemma uh there we want
to talk to you about that yeah yeah so
really you want to make sure you set
that up and i work and i’ll work um
i’m very resourceful myself and it gets
very technical in the back end with
self-employed people are they 1040
schedule c or the schedule e
self-employed um you know blah blah blah
so you really want to make sure you seen
that success i like bringing a cpa in
the equation too because the certified
public accountant has you know a lot
more knowledge on the back as far as tax
returns than a loan officer a lot of
cern um analyzes them but really the
brains behind the operation is a cpa so
um but anyway
yeah yeah that’s gonna know and again
that’s that’s one of those things as a
realtor where don’t really know need to
know how to file a tax return to be good
at your job but you know how you’re
and you’ve found the people that are
very good with them you have them at
your disposal you can yeah that’s the
thing about yeah absolutely we have
literally vendors on top of vendors i
you know we can help anyone with really
anything we’re really a big resource and
i want to really make that
very impactful in my business too so
exactly it’s a team effort there’s um so
many i mean touches on a file by the
time it starts from step one uh to the
finish line it’s just crazy
on a deal and so um and you can the
crazy thing is like you do your job
amazing and then one one person gets
brought into the equation that doesn’t
do their job the whole deal
so it’s just
um and that’s why i prefer work with
like realtors like you that are team
players and
we’re able to make the transaction
smoother and i always communicate that
to buyers so they realize that so but
anything else um you want to add on on
the video uh that you’d like to just
kind of announce to cyberspace
you know we’re
i don’t have anything right now
but yeah but
things are in the works you know i’m
working on a few different projects here
as far as marketing so that will be
shown through the cyberspace
um but this was awesome and
i look forward to working with you
continuing to work with you
one one the same here one tip chelsea
a b
always be closing
that and uh and i think i invited you
too uh to uh a party on the 21st uh
mario square i’m not sure if you got it
it was an email so i know emails are
sometimes old probably send it to my old
okay let me send it send it to my yeah
that’s not good okay
perfect well i’m gonna invite you to
that as well i think you’re gonna enjoy
that um and um yeah we’ll take it from
there so yeah awesome thank you so much
for being on the show and i wish you
um good luck with your 2022 and i hope
you you reach all your goals and
thank you and same to you mario

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