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Atlanta native Realtor Duane Mitchell interview

realtor duane mitchell

Video Transcript

okay this is Mario Cardenas with
affinity home lending i’m with the great
realtor dwayne mitchell how are you
doing this morning dwayne
i’m doing great mario how you doing
buddy i am doing fantastic just another
day in paradise in the real estate
happy monday man
thanks for having me on here happy
monday it’s it’s a pleasure and it’s an
honor to have you here um thank you for
being here and um i just wanted to
have you introduce yourself and your
real estate uh business and uh tell us
uh you know what makes the dwayne
advantage um you know the best decision
for your real estate needs
i’m so excited about my new the dwelling
advantage thank you for bringing that up
we gotta get it i gotta get ring to it
i love it man i love it um
and for for everybody that doesn’t know
about it you can go check out my website
the dwayne advantage.com and it just
tells my story i’ve been doing this
since 2004. i got my license back in 0-4
i’ve seen different markets in atlanta
you know i started my career in real
estate in new home sales
then i went into foreclosures when the
market during the 2008 2012 crash you
know i did foreclosures for several
years got into that market and then
obviously i continued to do resales i
help buyers and sellers you know find
their dream home so
what makes me unique i think is the fact
that i’m born and raised right here in
atlanta i’m an atlanta metro native
started new home sales i went into
foreclosures and now i do resell so i’ve
got different aspects of the market that
makes me very unique
and i also acquire my broker’s license
somewhere in there
that’s awesome that makes you very
unique compared to a lot of other
realtors that they obviously only have
their renters like realtor’s license not
their broker’s license so right you know
it’s kind of like getting your master’s
degree versus your bachelor’s degree i
just kind of went the extra distance and
uh yeah it makes me more powerful you
know for liability reasons knowing the
contracts um you know i’ve trained
agents in various parts over the years
but as far as
you know what i’m seeing and what i do
in this market for my sellers
that also makes me unique besides my
um my detail and
people say they love my personality but
you know i do professional videos it’s
all the little things mario i do
professional videos i do creative
staging for my sellers and just the way
i i do the pictures you know make them
unique make the videos you need
and my marketing is also unique i have
various strategies
that i take into effect with my sellers
and just you know just makes me stand
from from from most agents out there
that’s awesome well i appreciate you uh
taking the time of the day to
you know come on on my show and
um you know i’m happy to hear that your
real estate business is going well and i
hope that you’re staying safe brother
yeah i appreciate that well one thing i
didn’t want to point out mario before i
leave um that everybody may want to know
about the current market here
coming up in september what we’re seeing
and keller williams has done a lot of
research on it
um it’s still a great time to to buy in
it’s still a seller’s market
we are starting to see a little more a
little slow down
still an excellent market out there you
know the sellers are taking
roughly four to seven days now to sell
versus one day
and instead of instead of getting maybe
20 to 40 offers you know we’re getting
two to four offers on for the sellers
still excellent time to sell
um and for the buyers out there you know
don’t be scared there’s still a lot of
inventory out there and there’s a lot of
techniques that you can take advantage
of um for the buyers my suggestions are
just when you see something you love
jump on it don’t think too long
so it’s still great for buyers and
take advantage of it
the dwayne advantage specifically
yes sir
don’t don’t just take advantage of it
take the plain advantage of it
you like that take advantage of it yeah
i’ll have to work on that slogan but we
definitely need to throw
you know you know i had to throw that in
there take advantage of it yeah
and uh remember you still have your uh
porsche giveaway
um like uh raffle going on on instagram
and facebook if
uh they like your your facebook page and
uh your instagram page and what tag
people two people on instagram then
you’re gonna enter them in a
porsche test drive
uh right down in atlanta right
absolutely we’re gonna announce that on
facebook live august 27th friday night
and uh yeah all you gotta do is tag two
uh about my contest follow my business
i don’t i don’t have two friends
looks like i’m bag one
tag one friend man
okay well you’ll make you’ll make us
you’ll write in a special step for me
right y’all are good
oh that’s awesome yeah it’s a great
raffle for anybody that loves to drive
fast cars um they got a professional
track down there in the south
down near the airport area it’s great so
that’s annoying
i’m i i’m excited and um
yeah i’m excited to see the lucky
contestant that one’s that that’s that’s
awesome that you’re doing that so
yeah i appreciate it brother well
yeah stay safe and yeah again thanks for
taking the time for being on the video
and um you know we’ll have to hit the
golf course soon
absolutely thanks for having me
that sounds good man take it easy all
right buddy thanks

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