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Lavenia Whitner and Team Whitner Real estate

lavenia and derek whitner

Video transcript

Hello this is Mario Cardenas with
affinity home lending I’m a loan officer
and Lavenia Whitner with metro brokers
how are you doing today lavenia
hey mario how are you
I am doing fantastic uh no complaints
just excited for the weekend so uh
Lavenia please um uh introduce yourself
elaborate what makes
um your real estate business uh
different than all the other competitors
out there in metro Atlanta
sure sure
um hi everyone my name is Lavenia Whitner
i am part of team whitner
here at better homestead gardens real
estate metro brokers
my husband Derek Whitner is the team
lead and I am a team member on our
last year we sold just under 12 million
dollars in total volume on 46
uh 2021 we’re looking to double that
number and pretty much every year going
forward that’s our goal now how do we do
one of the ways is we work with buyers
and sellers and primarily west cobb here
in cobb county Georgia but we work all
over metro Atlanta so whether you’re in
Dekalb county Fulton hearing hob
Douglas county Cherokee county we will
work with you
and for us one of the things that makes
us a little bit different than others is
we meet you where you are that’s number
one um that’s why we’re talking here
today and then number two we also offer
professional staging consulting
so um if you’re a partner of ours
so when you go to put your home on the
the market as an example some folks are
always a little bit hesitant a little
a bit nervous about how should my home
look getting ready for listing pictures
we’ll bring someone in to give you a
consultation uh for an hour it’s a
hundred dollar value but can give you
some guidance with how your home is laid
out or what have you and that’s not to
say that you wouldn’t also go on to more
fuller staging
where you have you know furniture come
in and all of that but that’s something
that our sellers find a great value uh
to their
to their listings
that’s awesome thank you so much for
sharing that yeah I can testify for
everything she said um they’re awesome
builders they’re
super experienced um and in the Atlanta
market and
um what Derek had he was incorporate
finance for
sometimes and you were in it and um just
super intelligent and very helpful with
the entire home buying
the process so thank you for
sharing I appreciate it and I hope you
have a wonderful weekend
thanks for having us

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