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Atlanta Realtor Tyler Chenault

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Okay i have realtor Tyler Chenault on the zoom
meeting with me this is
mortgage Mario i’m mario Cardenas with
Affinity Home Lending  how are you
doing today Tyler
bless i’m so happy to be here thanks for
having me mario
yeah the pleasure is mine uh i’m happy
that i i called you probably several
times and i was persistent about getting
you on the uh
on the call but um you know i i’ve kept
up with you on social media and i love
your social media presence and
uh the message that you’re displaying on
there and um you know the buyers and
sellers that you’ve been helping in this
you know crazy market so uh you know i i
do love having the opportunity to
uh you so
um but with that said um can you uh
please introduce yourself and
your business and what makes you
different and um you know why why a
buyer a seller would benefit from using
you on a real estate transaction
well um
man i gotta make sure i keep it uh keep
it brief because i can yeah
you think it is love so we make our own
rules and you make it as long as you
want you can talk about whatever you
um yeah there’s no one you know
monitoring this and no open-ended uh
discussion so
yeah um well my name is tyler chanel i
am a um atlanta real estate agent
um i cover just about an hour outside of
um so as long as it’s within an hour’s
distance of the city of atlanta i
generally cover it
um you know when it comes to real estate
uh you know it’s it’s my passion it’s my
love um
you know you get me talking to anyone
about real estate you know i can talk
for hours
and i originally got into real estate um
three years ago i’ve been licensed now
for three years
and i’ve been selling for
about a year and a half
i started out doing property management
at first and
um i i just you know it’s one of those
things where everybody asks you what why
did you get in this business what did
you do there was there’s many reasons
and that was
uh number one i wanted to be my own boss
right yeah you know i um
you and i talked
but um
you know for everyone obviously who
wasn’t on the call with us
um you know i had a psychology degree um
four-year route
got my degree thought i was going to
come out get a good job and
you know
white picket fence you know kids and a
dog and a wife and you know the whole
shebang right
um and it just didn’t it just didn’t
turn out that way for me um i
i graduated um already had started a
it just did not um
you know just the cars didn’t roll that
way so yeah i was at the time i was
working you know like i said with
psychology i was working with um a
part-time program that was um
emotionally rewarding very rewarding
career but again part-time and just i
just felt like i needed more um so i had
stepped away it was it was hard to do
that um but i did along with psychology
so i was like all right what am i doing
where am i going um all through college
i worked as a
automotive i worked in automotive
i worked at
different car dealerships in the area
and so i went back i went back there
because i said oh yeah this you know
this makes sense for me for at least
right now
and um you know what i just i got so fed
up with it very quickly um i was like
you know what this is not it for me
you know just sitting there seeing
seeing guys on there that for
for years i mean were in the dealership
that was their livelihood i just i
couldn’t see it for myself i wanted to
spend time with my family the job pulled
me away from that
um you know
the whole the whole nine so
um i just started reading more books i
really got into
you know a lot of self-help books a lot
of financial literacy
you name it you know books that come to
mind like think and grow rich rich dad
poor dad
the whole nine and i used to read them
at my desk
in my uh when i i was selling cars i
don’t think i mentioned that but i was
selling um luxury cars and um
i just said you know what um
i got to find a way i got to find a way
so funny enough i
sold a car to a gentleman that
saw me reading these books and just
really he peaked interest in me and um
he actually
managed the building
the plaza across the street from the
and so he said you’re into real estate
you want to know more about real estate
and i said actually i am you know i just
started reading about
real estate investing
you know all these great things about
real estate and i’m like this this is
pretty interesting he takes him out to
lunch long story short
i’m like i’m gonna get into real estate
that’s that’s just the way i see things
then at the same time my father-in-law
uh had started a property management
business and so that’s
my marriage into real estate was
property management um and i just fell
in love with real estate through it all
man and it’s atlanta itself is really
easy to do that you know you you have so
much going on here
um that you know between the rentals
buying and selling
vacation homes um you have the mountains
in north georgia the city life i mean
there’s just so much that we have here
um that makes real estate very easy
so um you know that’s that’s where i i
you know like i said i got into real
estate that way i love it and this is
what i do
you know
if i
had to explain why
people should use me
as a real estate agent uh i i love
if you can if you can’t tell her yeah i
love what i do i love um the work i can
one of the best things i think about
this business is handing the key off
uh once the deal is closed to the first
time home buyers been saving up for so
um being a part of their story
the real estate investor that’s you know
for so long has been
you know writing his vision down that
he’s going to have a portfolio of homes
and finally you know he’s getting the
keys towards that
um if it’s the empty nester who’s
finally in their dream home you know
it’s there’s so much that comes with
real estate the emotions
the the
the stories that you that you’re a part
of um building towards a community you
know i get to see atlanta in a whole
different a whole different way um than
most people do um and and i love that i
love that aspect of it
that’s awesome so there’s i know a lot
of realtors um obviously it sounds like
um job set skills are very versatile in
the real estate industry i think you
know one thing that i that i’ve noticed
and picked up about your real estate
business right off the bat um as your
ability to
improvise and come up with um you know
very comprehensive solutions and not
every real estate transaction is
obviously the same so you’ll never i
know every realtor what they tell me is
every transaction they’ve seen is never
identical and i’ve some realtors have
been in the business for you know 30
plus years which is which makes it such
a unique
um you know career path but um and then
i know most realtors too will tell me
you know even if they are obviously very
versatile in the industry there’s
there’s a specific niche that they
specialize in is there like a certain
geographical area you specialize in a
certain group of people like first time
home buyers i know for me i’ve kind of
been specialized in uh first time home
buyers on the buy side within
kind of generally around a 20 mile uh
radius to
woodstock where i live
um any kind of specialty and that’s kind
of a broad question
no it’s it’s a it’s a wonderful question
actually because um at this point in my
career i’m actually shifting the focus
um i i’ve just had a tremendous year
uh 2021 was a huge blessing
to my business
you know very grateful for the
um generous referrals that i received
and i was able to close which then had
kind of challenging myself to grow
so i started out really
in the first time homebuyer sphere
you know most of the homes
um if you’re familiar with you know in
the sense of atlanta uh fulton county
gwinnett county
a little for size my first year was in
forsyth county um
you know it was the metro you know about
the 30 35 minute range right um you know
a lot of first time home buyers a couple
of investors because of my property
management background um that’s where i
saw myself now fast forward to
you know the end of 2021
i just i just finished my certification
for my luxury home designation or surf
luxury home certification
um because i want to step into the
luxury home
um being that i live in johns creek
um you know alpharetta whichever
you know any day it’s either or uh just
because of how the city lines are drawn
but um you’re just an area that is a
little bit more affluential um and so
you know i’m like hey let me tap into
the luxury market um but
specifically i want to really tap into
um working with athletes entertainers
um you know some big names pop culture
uh just because of where we are the city
is attracting a lot of um celebrities
and so
as young as i am that’s great you can
you can uh buy me a house then
let’s make the deal happen right let’s
make the deal
didn’t realize that you worked with
celebrities that’s perfect well i you
know that’s that is where i’m i’m
tailoring my focus now um yeah you know
i i also um
i coach agents on the side real estate
agents and that’s one of the things that
had helped me
as i was starting to really progress in
this business was to narrow down my
focus and my and and know what my niche
was so that when i’m out at
any event or in you know networking
community event your kids schools
um whatever participation they’re in
you’re able to articulate to people what
it is that you want what it is you’re
looking for and how they can help you so
with with that you know tailoring it to
the luxury homes
you know you never know who people know
um you never know who people run across
and so just being able to articulate
that being able to share that with
um being it you know
this is exactly what i’m looking for and
here’s how you can help me find it has
really taken me um you know to the next
that’s awesome so what’s your favorite
thing about real estate what makes you
extremely passionate that obviously
makes you look past of all the um you
know the frustrations that anyone has
with you know day-to-day job because
let’s be honest every every anyone that
says that i absolutely love every single
aspect my job my life’s perfect life is
puppies and sunshine
they’re most likely full of crap so um
you know that’s i i love my job as
mortgage loan originator but do i
absolutely have to put up with things
you know i probably don’t enjoy at times
and that’s the truth but there are
things that the reason why i’m still in
this is things i’m passionate for so
what where though what would you say the
main thing that kind of keeps you coming
back to the you know rolling out of bed
so to speak to do this job you know i i
really love
being a part of the community
you know talking about
what’s coming up
and seeing that real estate affects so
of our everyday lives
i don’t think a lot of people really
consider that you know who moves in to
your neighborhood every neighbor really
impacts your community
what shops what stores clothes what
stores open
you know
what kind of
you know
highway is being built or not being
built fixed not being fixed the schools
all this is real estate and just being
that expert that people lean on
um to help guide them to the right place
um it’s it’s by far my favorite thing i
i really just love
slapping on that community that
community leader badge i guess i i
unofficially have
just being able to kind of
hold a lot of people’s hands during this
process and getting them to understand
that real estate is
you know they they’re just as much a
part of real estate as you know the a
tycoon is right or the the city
government you know all that’s affected
and kind of how i hinted to earlier
the the little buyers the big buyers the
people of season
who this is their sixth home that they
bought the first time home buyer just
being able to walk them through to see
how they make their decisions on where
they want to find themselves
there’s nothing like it you really won’t
find another business and it’s it’s new
every day i mean
i could tell you stories and stories and
none of them are anywhere near the same
yeah that’s what that yeah that honestly
um that’s the aspect i enjoy the job as
well is that no deals the same
and just kind of expect unexpected
and it’s very um it’s just it’s it’s a
little bit more mentally stimulating i
think some people when they get burnt
out on their job
um you know is the reason because things
become too repetitive in nature
and they and they get bored at their job
and medium becomes maybe too mindless
but um this industry with how many
moving parts there are and how many
party third parties are responsible in
order to get your client into a house
is just ridiculous and so obviously the
more the more people you have the more
that’s just i look as a math equation
because i am you know that i am i can be
analytical since i think numbers and
mortgages and i i think i try to put
this into an equation which is very
difficult because you’re trying to put
human beings the human component to
equation but by the way i look as that
many moving pieces just creates a
infinite um scenarios that can occur in
each each transaction so i think
realtors um like yourself they have very
good foresight uh and being able to set
like a flight plan like a captain one
and um is it going to go exactly the
flight plan it is maybe not maybe we’ll
maybe not but are you going to crash the
plane and kill everyone are you going to
get everyone safely to the destination
and i think that’s what makes a good
realtor and it not only lands in the you
know the correct destination without
having to be scared for their life that
the plane might crash too so you know
you keep it a smooth process
oh yes
a lot of times nine times out of ten i
am the glue
the deal
whether whether it’s because of
communication drops or
just someone else you know may have not
you know
done their job but that’s
it’s you know it’s it’s really
that’s another part of it i don’t know i
like that i like that rush and any real
estate agent probably tell you you know
just being able to be on quick on your
feet and being creative and like you
said early improvising and knowing when
you know hey this is one this is where
we’re gonna have to pivot you got to
come with me guiding them leading your
client to
the finish line it it can be
i mean there’s there’s at least
at least six different professionals on
any given deal minimum
sometimes it becomes more so
um i would also say that’s probably
another one of my
strengths if you know anyone is
me as a real estate agent is my my
network i’m very proud of the network
in the three years that i’ve built um to
have professionals that i can call on
multiple professionals
that i can say hey
can you help me keep can you help me put
this piece together um you know i need
you i need your skill set i need your
wherever they are in atlanta um and
that’s what a lot of people have said
that they really enjoy about working
with me is that
um there’s not too many people i don’t
know for the job
and it makes me feel good because they
make me look even better right like you
can rely on these people to get you to
the to the doors i’m only i’m only 28 so
a lot of people
are my senior when i’m working with them
um but to have a network like that
behind you every step of the way
um just
seals the deal on you being the
um it really helps me make
make me look good make them look good
and then in turn get them more business
yeah that’s that’s what it’s all about i
think you focus on the client you
um it’s not about just you know me being
a marketing major like first thing i
learned in marketing is it’s it’s always
um more expensive to try to generate a
new customer versus um to maintain one
and so if you put all of your time and
energy to
um basically
create the the best client experience
for someone then it’s just in human
nature that they’re gonna want what’s
best for you and they’re like wow you
know tyler did you know he just
you know did an incredible job for me
in this house they’re going to be um you
they’re going to be so happy uh that you
did that for them that they’re going to
be more likely to you know send you a
referral so um right you know you can’t
just do good you have to do just amazing
you can’t just be like um you know
you’re running the middle realtor you
have to you have to just
comp you know over deliver on their
expectations uh and that’s where the
proof is in the pudding with you know
realtors like yourself that are um not
you know continuously getting more
business off of referrals off of clients
than um you know it’s obvious that
that’s exactly what you’re delivering on
and i think that’s you know from what i
or from what i see and gather that
that’s one thing that makes you you know
an awesome realtor
thank you
thank you yeah
but um tyler do you want to do you want
in the interview here is there something
else you would you’re passionate about
that you want to elaborate on while
we’re here
it’s totally your call you know it
it’s really just a city of atlanta man i
i’m very proud to um call this place
home for so many years like i’ve hinted
to earlier it makes it very easy to sell
here whether that’s you know downtown
on the east side
north north the north side i mean
there’s so much going on here
um we’ve just been doing a lot of things
well and i i just pray we continue to
be able to keep that momentum
but you know atlanta itself makes it
very easy and i just kind of have to
show up and make sure that i’m doing
what i’m doing to help my clients
but yes as i continue to to grow and
build i hope that we can uh get a deal
done together
um so many deals done together and
you know
and serve our clients the best way we
know how
yep yep and just remember uh mortgage
mario will make all of your wallets come
wildest dreams come true so that’s uh
that’s my story
but honestly yeah we are um you know i’m
with the local company that you know
prides you know i know that you
mentioned earlier being part of the
community and that that’s one thing
realtor’s obviously part of the
community you have you have to live you
know in the back in that backyard so to
speak to be able to service your client
but and the lending world’s weird
because you can have some guy in the
actually offer you a loan they could be
you know
who knows where it could be you know
another side of the country
um and so um they you know if they do a
poor job on on the transaction well then
they’re just long gone there’s some guy
on the computer and that’s kind of one
thing that makes me
um different and that’s one thing that
sold me on my company with affinity is
that we are in your backyard just like
the realtor we’ll we’ll even you know
consult you and meet you face to face
and looking in the eye and um and you
know exactly where we work so you know
if we don’t do a good job you know you
can hold us accountable so um and you
know we obviously have awesome reviews
and i think we’ve been we’ve actually
been voted best of cop three years in
our own that’s what i tell people
why would we be voted why would we have
300 amazing reviews and be but invest a
cop three times in a row that just
doesn’t happen you don’t want to brag or
anything but like that just that doesn’t
you know
you know just by chance there’s there’s
a reasoning why we got to that point so
um yeah and i would love love to work
with you on a deal and um you know help
help serve your client their best
interests and everything and get them to
the the closing table as seamless as
possible and
um stressless as possible as well
the feeling is mutual yeah we uh
we uh we can we can get that done very
quickly um
so hopefully um
you know i was able to answer all your
um hopefully i answered them well and uh
was was clear enough for you
in the audience but
um i really do appreciate the time man i
you know thank you for thinking of me
and it is humbling
um that you think so highly of me
yeah yeah no i yeah loving your work and
everything what you’re doing and uh the
people in your community that you’re
helping and um i like how authentic you
are too i think a lot of you know a lot
of realtors like and not saying there’s
anything wrong with this but just kind
of displaying the all the glamour that
comes with it and you’re kind of really
showing that it you know it can be you
metaphorically a little bit trench
warfare trying to get a you know
a deal close and um how obviously you’re
you’re a bit more humble than a lot of
realtors so
so that that’s kind of how i try to be
too i try to be more authentic or like
this is how i am what you see is what
you get uh with people so um
but yeah i uh i i look forward to
working with you on a deal and
everything and um and we’ll we’ll
definitely stay in touch so yeah man
that sounds great i can’t wait
i appreciate you being on the show it
truly means the world to me
thank you thank you
i’ll talk to you soon all right sounds
good all right

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