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Meet Atlanta Realtor Danny Bruce

Realtor Danny Bruce

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okay this is uh Mario Cardenas with Affinity Home Lending
I’m with realtor Danny bruce he’s the man the myth legend a total professional in the real estate market in Atlanta how are you doing today, Danny
doing fantastic man just another beautiful day here in Atlanta awesome yeah the weather is weather’s awesome here um great tennis weather i
know I played tennis this weekend and I’m loving it so hey Danny can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your real estate business
yeah absolutely mario so uh I am a real estate agent realtor with exp realty I joined exp
back in November previous to that, I’ve been doing some renovation projects
along with a couple of partners of mine mainly in the Atlanta area, a couple on the south side of Atlanta is what we got going on right now so been in the renovations game on the
investment side for a couple of years and uh relatively new to being a realtor and working with buyers and sellers but obviously, as we can talk about later on it’s a very difficult market right now but it’s uh
it’s stretching me and it’s
teaching me to be you know
be the realtor that I need to be for my clients so that’s a quick high level on where I’m at right now yeah yeah and you basically uh yeah hit the nail in the head there so to speak with how the market is right now super challenging market seller’s market um you hear you know things happen where people are putting
twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars uh past the asking price and you know throwing you know every trick
in the book in order to secure a house and um so what have been your tricks and like any tips uh in order to secure a house in a seller’s market
yeah so uh very important right now to to make sure that you’re working with a
the lender that you trust
or someone that has a good reputation they will help ensure you that you are
in a position of strength when you’re making these offers
obviously connecting with a professional with a realtor with an agent that can help you out they can give you these contacts they work with lenders you know often and they can they can send you their better contacts to help you put you in a good place when you’re making offers
so definitely get connected with a professional who can
create a plan for you help you stick to it set the right expectations so very important right now in this market
um and then as far as you know specific strategies of how we can get properties under contract right now you
really have to work with someone who is creative who is willing to hustle for you
you know who works well with other agents who can negotiate uh and so you know
these are all things that that we can drill down on it
a little bit but at a high level
you know working with a pro with someone that has you know good reviews
and someone may be that you’ve been referred to
would be a great place to start that’s awesome
thanks for sharing that with me Danny and just let everyone know Danny was my realtor for my house and
he did a fantastic job so I can testify to basically everything he said that’s 100 true and he actually found my house
under the asking price and sellers the market which is completely unheard of
and did an incredible job negotiating with the seller and
um and also just kind of met every a single one of my needs
and really hustled and um to get the job done so he did an excellent job I’m
very happy with everything he did for me in that
real estate transaction so uh yeah thanks, Danny I wanted to 100 confidence that  you know you’re going to crush it
on this market and everything in this career path so
appreciate it mario yeah well cool thank you Danny
take care take care everybody

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