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Strategies on how to get your offer accepted in a seller’s market

strategies on how to get offer accepted in a seller's market

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hello everyone this is
mario cardenas i’m a loan officer with
affinity home lending i hope
everyone’s having a wonderful day so i
want to go over some basic strategies on
to enhance your offer in a seller’s
market so
the first thing is team up with a
realtor that is an
expert in your market uh they will be
able to
negotiate and find the best possible
deal for you
and save you time in your um home buying
a second thing is look into escalation
clauses escalation clause
allows you to customize your offer
when looking to buy a home and a realtor
can elaborate a little bit more on that
as well so
that’s another big thing why you want to
work with an experienced
realtor that is an expert in your market
a third thing is you want to
work with a lender that is local and
experienced and that can put you in a
of strength so and also work with a
lender that’s going to get you
a pre-approval so it’s very important
that you get pre-approved and
not just pre-qualified actually made a
video on the difference between
a prequel and a pre-approval so i’ll put
a link in the video for that if you’re
interested in learning more about that
uh and also i would capitalize on
infinity home lending’s
2500 pre-approval sellers guarantee
that will also enhance your odds of your
offer being accepted
um if you have any more questions feel
free to reach me at my website
mariocardenas.net and i’ll be happy to
answer any of your questions and help
you with your home buying journey
have a wonderful day and stay safe out

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